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Workplace Consultancy & Support

“I receive executive coaching from Nicola and highly recommend her services. Nicola is extremely professional and non- judgemental. I feel comfortable discussing anything with her and feel that she understands where I am coming from and the issues I am managing. She challenges me when needed, which results in new ways of managing the issue. She provides me with tools, awareness and understanding of both myself and those I work with. I see my coaching with Nicola as an investment which benefits the organisation I work for as well as myself”

- Deane

The workplace is our “second family.” Many of the emotions, assumptions and expectations that we have in our family of origin, we also experience at work. The workplace is our second most important community of meaning, learning and feedback. Just like in our personal relationships, our collegial interactions often result in misunderstandings and hurt that can escalate into disputes that create a toxic environment for all.


I have been providing coaching, training and workplace supervision to government ministries, NGO’s, faith-based organisations, and private businesses across fields as diverse as law, conservation, health and disability, housing,  education, accident compensation, social development, police, family violence and criminal justice.


Workplace supervision is a form of professional development that encourages you to reflect on all aspects of workplace life,  from how you feel about your role, its challenges and frustrations, how you negotiate for what you need, your interactions and communication with those in your workplace, to, adjusting to change, managing stress and receiving and giving feedback.


I provide group and individual coaching in-person and on-line. If you are interested in seeking this workplace support, please contact me on 021 900145 or email

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