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Workshops & Conference presentations


I present throughout New Zealand, and internationally, to different professional groups on a wide range of topics relating to executive and employee coaching and supervision, dispute resolution and topics relating to interpersonal communication.

I have been  a speaker in Australia to the University of Bond, Sydney and New South Wales, and to the Law Society NSW  and to the Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (2017, 2018, 2019). In 2016 I was one of a panel of judges at the 5th NLIU-INADR International Law School Mediation Tournament in Bhopal India. I have provided training in Thailand, Hawaii, Papua New Guinea and to the American Bar Association (ABA) in 2014,2015,2016, and to Assoc Family and Conciliation Courts US (AFCC) in 2017.

Teaching Modules Available
  • How anger changes our thinking

  • Mediation skills trainings

  • Solution based mediation

  • Reflective practice

  • Working with high conflict personality

  • Managing resistance

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • High conflict couples in family disputes

  • Understanding our own reactions to conflict 

  • Understanding the games people play in negotiation and mediation 

  • Apology

  • Family mediation

  • Emotion in the workplace

  • Vulnerability

  • Managing high emotion

  • Reflecting on conflict

  • Understanding and working with resistance

  • Fear & loathing in the workplace

  • In pursuit of happiness in the workplace

  • Toxicity in the workplace – what leaders need to know



Past Presentations


14 -19 July 2020 AMINZ Mediation Skills Intensive  - Online Training

14 - 18 April 2020  Community Mediation.  University of Sydney, Department of Peace & Conflict Studies - Online Training

17 September 2019 Sydney Catholic Commission for Employment Relations; Fear & loathing at work 

18 September 2019 Sydney Catholic Commission for Employment Relations; HCP and giving & receiving feedback

19 September 2019 Sydney Catholic Commission for Employment Relations; In pursuit of happiness at work

28 February 2019 High Conflict Personalities. Legalwise Wellington NZ

26 May 2018 University of New South Wales Managing Emotion in Dispute Resolution

24 May 2018 Sydney Catholic Commission for Employment Relations ; Giving & Receiving Feedback; having and giving those difficult conversations

23 May 2018 Sydney University Reflective Practice

18 May 2018 Workbridge Auckland Giving and Receiving Feedback

16 October 2017 AMINZ Wellington NZ Dealing with high emotion in a rural DR setting

20 September 2017 Workbridge Wellington NZ Giving and Receiving Feedback 

16 August 2017 Cancer Society Palmerston North NZ Giving and Receiving Feedback

29 July 2017 AMINZ Annual Conference Auckland NZ Keynote panelist: Women on the go - or are they?

14 and 15 June 2017 Sydney Catholic Commission for Employment Relations High Conflict Personality ; working with resistance

3-7 April 2017 Papua New Guinea Advanced Mediation Skills Intensive

11-24 February 2017 Hawaii. Strategies to shift impasse in family dispute resolution ; Reflective Practice :build your workplace, and Setting up Reflective Practice groups

13 -15 March 2017 Christchurch, Nelson, Dunedin New Zealand. Mission Impossible; mediating through impasse

25-27 November 2016 NLIU-INADR Int Law School Mediation Tournament (tournament judge) Bhopal India

16 November 2016 Relate- Resolve- Restore The 2016 Conflict Resolution Conference Wellington New Zealand. Managing Impasse Through Reflective Practice

5/6/7 October 2016 AMINZ Mediation Symposium Mission Impossible: Mediating through impasse. Auckland/Hamilton/Wellington New Zealand

23 August 2016 World Mediation Organisation’s 10th Symposium Bangkok Reflective Practice: Building Cultural Perspectives

2 June 2016 Association of Family Conciliation Courts Seattle U.S Behind the Bars:  New Zealand Initiative Providing Dispute Resolution into Prisons

7 April 2016 American Bar Association New York U.S The Reflective Practitioner

16 September 2015 Law Society New South Wales Sydney Australia   Working with difficult and high conflict personality

15 September 2015 Law Society New South Wales Sydney Australia   How Anger Changes our Thinking

24/26/28 August 2015 AMINZ/ NZ Law Society Auckland New Zealand Family Dispute Resolution (panel)

28 May 2015 AMINZ Mediation Skills Intensive Auckland NZ  Engagement is easy when people are nice – 7 lessons 

20 April 2015 Portland Oregon U.S  Anger the Silent Decision Maker

16 April 2015 American Bar Association Seattle U.S  Anger the Silent Decision Maker

14 April 2015 Willamette University College of Law Salem, Oregon U.S  Engagement is easy when people are nice- 7 lessons

“Nicola was very informative and helpful in providing strategies. She gave practical advice, was easy to understand, extremely knowledgeable and engaging. The tools and skills I learned I can use both professionally and personally.”

“Best workshop I have attended, brilliant presenter...fantastic strategies. She makes difficult concepts easy.”