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“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know” - A.A. Milne, The Pooh Story Book


For many years I have been helping people to reconcile with someone that has long been distanced from them. This separation may be due to adoption, traumatic events or maybe just circumstance. You may have just drifted apart because you never felt that you truly belonged or perhaps there were words and behaviours communicated to you in anger that were just too painful to repair at the time and then “life “ got in the way.

Whatever the reason is, and whatever caused the separation, it is possible to start your journey of connection and the resetting of boundaries and expectations. Because you are reading this page, you may already have started this journey.


Throughout the years of separation, neither person forgets the other. In my experience, memories are often heightened as glimpses of the past and hopes for a future are revisited over and over again. Longing and despair overlap and compete for importance in the minds of those involved.​


Next Steps

Here are some reasons why you might take this next step;

  • an illness that encourages you to complete all that is unfinished in your life

  • new information or a greater understanding of the situation involving the other person

  • a chance meeting or sighting of the other person

  • a decision to address and quieten the feelings of anxiety, depression and distress that being disconnected to this person, creates in you

  • a need to understand and to be understood

If you would like to discuss your next step towards reconnecting with someone;

Email me

Phone or text me on 021 900145      Overseas +6421900145


I will work with you both to make this a safe and restorative experience. It might be about writing a letter to each other, or establishing the boundaries of a connection going forward. It may be understanding and accepting a closure to the past connection.

Your story is unique and it will be respected.

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